DJ 2wenty

    DJ 2Wenty represents the 202, 252 and 919! Originally from Washington DC, he’s been living in North Carolina since 2002. He’s been all over the world doing what he loves best, DJing. He’s been a DJ since 1986 and has opened for big ticket names like Mary J Blidge, Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang Clan and Jay-Z. He’s also recorded with music legends Biz Markie, Dougie Fresh, DJ Kool and more! He’s lives and breaths music. He loves music production and loves sound engineering! He also enjoys helping and offering advice to young DJs just starting off in their careers. He also has a radio segment called Carolina Home Jams that gives exposure to local artists. On his my down time he is¬† a father to some of the most beautiful children in the world. He enjoys movies and TV like everyone else.
    He loves to laugh and crack a few jokes. If he can put on your face and make you dance all night then he’s done his job! DJ 2wenty is rocking your airways¬† Monday-Saturday from 6pm-10pm. Make sure to call in with your requests!