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Carolina Home Jams Spotlight: Skziy

This week Carolina Home Jams Spotlights rapper SKZIY. He dropped past the Choice FM studio to debut his song “4 The Gram” Take a listen below…

Bio- Brooklyn, New York born hip-hop artist SKZIY refers to himself as the “Yelp! of the culture — the guide to what’s cool.” Sonically, he’s trap music with a witty fusion of classic hip hop vibes that allow him to showcase his versatility and “rewind worthy” punchlines. It’s safe to say these attributes are largely a result of his musical influences, Fabolous, Cam’ron and Jay-Z — three monumental rap figures who’ve influenced SKZIY’s own style and business acumen.

After a rough adolescence in Brooklyn, he moved to North Carolina to pursue college.

Since his move, SKZIY has been featured on BET’s “Rap City” series and boasts an A3c “Music Video of the Year” nomination. He also recently headlined a national 5 city tour. Talk about making the right move.

Most recently SKZIY launched a record label, Carolina North Ent., with childhood friends. His passion for music drive all of his successes. “I make music cause it’s something I really love…something I would be doing regardless of fame, money or accolades.” His latest video “4 THE GRAM, ” can be viewed on YouTube. The audio version is currently available on all digital retailers.

For more information on Skziy – CLICK HERE


Carolina Home Jams Spotlight: Nacynze

This week Carolina Home Jams Spotlights the rap duo NACYNZE (pronounced In-A-Sense) they dropped past the Choice FM studio to debut their song “Hey, Hey, Hey.” Take a listen below…

Bio: NACYNZE (in a sense) is hailing from Creedmoor NC, and we just want to make real hip hop for real people. There are 2 members in the group stayjust and attitude. Our heroes range from common to lenny kravitz. The goal of our group is to talk about things that we go through on a everyday basis and show the people that you are not alone on in this game we call life. We bring lyrics, creativity, realism, style, and southern charm to the game.

For more information on NACYNZE – CLICK HERE

Carolina Home Jams Spotlight: Lauren Bledsoe “RalphGotStacks”

Lauren Bledsoe (also known as Ralphgotstacks) is a 17 year old girl from Raleigh, NC. She’s been casually rapping and writing poetry since the 2nd grade. In 8th grade she began taking the craft seriously.and hasn’t stropped since. Her biggest influences are Dasan Ahanu, The Notorious BIG, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Eminem and Wu-Tang. She has two original songs entitled “Cupid’s Dirt” and “Nostalgia”. She also has a video she shot for the lyrics she wrote to J Cole’s “Be Free”. The video won a Student Emmy for the Midsouth Region of the U.S. She will compete for a national Emmy in October 2017.